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Cabaret is a musical that has many layers of complexity to it.  The play has many moments where catchy musical numbers cover up the under line dark messages and themes. The play was written to show a different side and tell a different story of Berlin before WW2. It’s to bring light to a period that many people don’t know of when the arts and the Weimar republic was booming. It’s tells a story of a foreigner just like us looking in on this world and following the character. The story of these people makes the problem of Hitler more intimate and feel closer to home. Even in today’s world we see that history often repeats itself and we find ourself relating to what some people would consider a ridiculous world. The Kit Kat Klub acts as a distraction to the terror outsides it’s doors and everyone is welcomed and should feel welcomed to come in. 

Throughout the play we sit in the audience of the club and go on a journey of not only Sally’s and Cliff adventure but on another one where two people are in love but can’t be together because of who they are and where the people that are closest to you may sometimes turn into your enemy. With a new power coming in they all have to make choices for themselves and leave people and things they love behind, it makes you think if they weren’t killed in the war, they might as well be without living in the vibrant, carefree world they once lived in.

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