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Shivanna is a set and costume designer based out of New York City (born and raised). She holds a BFA in Theatrical Design and Production concentrating in Scenic and Costume Design from Ithaca College.


Shivanna has been drafting and doing live theatre since high school including sound mixing for Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and Lady Gaga. Her drafting not only includes theatre/scenic/ event design drafting also includes architecture drafting. 

Some commercial design clients include Saks, Tiffany and Co.,Hudson Bay Co., Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdale.

Some event design clients and collaborators include David Landgraf, Michael Cerbelli, Ryan Hill etc.

Other than her own theatre designs she has been the assistant/associate to designers such as Derek McLane, Clint Ramos, Arnulfo Maldonado, Wilson Chin, Dede Ayite etc.

Other than design, Shivanna also enjoys carpentry, costume construction, prop making and engineering ideas to be bought to life. In her spare time Shivanna loves to travel around the world which helps her to gain inspiration for her designs.

Shivanna is also an avid writer, baker, cook and musician.

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